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The Women’s

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Becky is one of the Top 50 Best LPGA Teachers


Becky, throughout her career, has been a constant advocate for what women need to learn and play the game of golf. There are less then 200 LPGA/PGA women dual members and Becky has received her 25 years membership recognitions with both of these organizations. 

Becky works with all levels of women players. Becky has a passion for taking new women to the game and getting them playing and on the course. Becky also works with competitive women players to help them score and play better.

Becky is a consultant to the Delaware Women’s Golf Association (DWGA) which offers competition for women amateur players in the state as well as the Women’s Amateur State Championship.

New to the Game

There are many parts to the game of golf. Most new players just focus on the full swing. If you want to start out in the most efficient way many suggest to start closer to the hole and get some experience putting and chipping. Even before that, if you have not had any experience on the golf course I can take you out there and you can get comfortable with the course and all its parts. Often this helps new players understand the shots they need to learn and why. A full round of golf is 18 holes but as a new player it may be best to start with a few holes or 9 holes at a time.

Some experience

Once you start playing a little there are a few things that are very important. In the full swing it is about making good contact with the clubface so you get consistent shots and have some control. Putting is close to 40% of your shots so we can make sure you can get the ball in the hole putting an average of two putts. Then when your ball is just off the green, we can make sure your chip ends up on the green and close to the hole.

Experienced players

Lets go out on the course and play a few holes and take a look at your game. From there we will know what to focus on to help you play better. For some players it is more about knowing what club to hit and making good decisions on the course. Or perhaps you have issues with aim and alignment on the golf course.

Tournament/Competitive Player

Together we can look at all aspect of your game and find areas you can improve on. I provide on course coaching which is critical for tournament players. I also have many resources such as K Coach, Blast Technology, TPI Certification and more to help you out. I have a team of experts in their fields to help us as we need.

Women Specific Programs

GOLF 101

Learn the game and the whole game as well as “PLAYING” the game.

9 Hole Ladies Fun Scrambles

These are fun scrambles good for all level of players.
3-4 Warm up and tips from Becky,
4-6 fun 9 hole scramble,
6 pm cocktails, lite food and prizes!
Sign up as a single or a group. $45. per player. includes everything!

Women’s Play and Learn Programs

These are learning, playing and fun social programs that you and your friends can create. Daytona Beach, Phoenix AZ, and Pinehurst have been a few.

About the LPGA

“The LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Membership was established in 1959 as an outgrowth of the LPGA Tour membership and has enjoyed an unprecedented rate of growth in recent years. The LPGA boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. With more than 1,700 members, the LPGA T&CP membership is dedicated to the advancement of golf through teaching, managing golf facilities, and coaching.

The LPGA has earned a reputation as the leader in research-based golf education. The LPGA provides its members with section, regional and national programs that further the LPGA’s commitment to offering state-of-the-art education in golf teaching methods and techniques.”