Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler

frequent questions


I am a dual member of the LPGA and the PGA of America.  There are less than 200 women professionals that have both memberships. I have also been members of both these organizations for 25 years.

  “The PGA of America is one of the world’s largest sports organizations, with nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals who work daily to grow interest and participation in the game of golf.”

“The LPGA boasts the largest membership of women golf professionals in the world. With more than 1,700 members, the LPGA T&CP membership is dedicated to the advancement of golf through teaching, managing golf facilities, and coaching. The LPGA has earned a reputation as the leader in research-based golf education

Teaching is what I do, and have done for the last 25 years. I invest a lot of time and resources to be the best teacher, educator and coach that I can be. I have been very fortunate to be recognized as a top teacher receiving multiple- LPGA and PGA teacher of the year, Best Teacher in the State and Top 50 Women Teachers in America awards.

 I am always continuing my education and have achieved my LPGA Master status, certified as a TPI Level 3 Golf Professional (TPI Certification is designed for golf teaching professionals, medical practitioners and fitness trainers, the TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.)  I am also certified and offer K coach which is a 3D swing analysis and coaching program.

“The K-MOTION, K-COACH certification program is Accredited by the PGA of America, the curriculum is designed to help professionals not only understand biomechanics and 3D motion, but also effectively communicate

As a female Teaching Professional, I am asked this question the most. I work with both men and women. Often men with less experienced or older players schedule lessons with me because they “feel more comfortable with a women teacher due to their skill level and the fact that they cannot hit the ball 300 yards! Sometimes I even get the question “do you teach men?”  Yes, probably ½ my players are men! This includes all levels of players from new golfers to very skilled tournament players.

Frequently, women will take lessons with me stating “they feel more comfortable taking from another women.”  Often women like to take lessons with other friends or in groups where they can enjoy it socially. I also really like to get the new women golfer out on the golf course to begin with. This way they get to see and understand the game as it is played and as well begin to learn the skills needed to play.

To begin, I enjoy working work with all levels of players from new to tournament players.   I call my philosophy “Complete Game Coaching.”  This means with any level of player we look at all parts of the game and all parts of the player. The game of golf has many parts. There are the skills such as the full swing as well as short game which includes putting, chipping and pitching. But there are many other shots such as bunker shots or “gosh forbid you ended up behind a tree” shot. There are as many shots as there are conditions including the weather conditions.  Also to consider, is the many factors of each player such as their equipment, physical capabilities, “mental game,” and much more that can influence their performance.

 I have a team approach to my coaching which uses various experts when needed to help a player.

  • I arranged one player to have a phone consultation with one of the leading performance coaches in the game before one of his events.
  • I referred one of my juniors to a Physical Therapist and we worked together to help him return after surgery to play High School golf.

With players new to the game, I often work with them early on learning skills on the golf course to also learn the game at the same time.

Finally, golf is played on the golf course so very often I will be on the course with players depending on what they are working on!

I have been fortunate to be around some of the most innovative teachers/coaches in the Game. The LPGA has provided me the ability to work with and interact with many amazing coaches such as Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson of Vision 54. Dr Debbie Crews is considered by many as one of the foremost performance coach and researcher in the game These coaches opened my eyes early to many factors that can influence a player’s performance and to look and coach beyond just the golf swing mechanics.

Fred Shoemaker of Extraordinary Golf has had a profound effect on my view of human potential.