Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler

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What Level Player are You?

Are You New to the Game? I will teach you everything you will need to get playing.

Are You an Everyday Player? I will teach you to hit your best shots consistently.

Are You an Advanced or Tournament Player? I am K Coach (3d Video) and TPI Certified. With these tools, I will help you better your game.

For the Junior Player   If you are a new or an experienced player, I will teach to improve your game while having fun.

Coaching Programs

Game Assessment

This is recommended for the new student. 1 ½ hour session where we look at all areas of your game and address the areas that would help you play better. Can include on course observation, K coach 3D swing analysis, putting and putter assessment using Blast technology and other short game observations.

Becky Dengler K Vest Certified Pro

K Coach Swing Capture & Training

This is and 1 session to capture and then train using K Coach Technology. This will give you the most accurate analysis of your full swing as well as training in areas where you can become more efficient.

Individual Lesson - 1 hour

Individual Lesson - 30 minutes