Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler

Complete Game Coaching


Becky has a “complete game coaching “philosophy when teaching the game of golf. Becky teaches and coaches all level of players from the brand new to the highly competitive tournament player.

New Player

New players do best when they can experience learning and playing the game at the same time. Learning the skills while learning to play on the course is more fun, enjoyable and successful. Becky teaches more then just a golf swing, but how to play the game.

Everyday Player

Becky help the experienced everyday player improve in the area they need to most. Some players want to score better and Becky can help figure out how to best meet their goal. Other players perhaps know what is wrong but not how to “fix” it.  Becky can coach the players in what they want and what they need to succeed.

Tournament Players

Golf involves skills but equally as well the ability to get the ball in the hole in all the various situations. Imagine a player who has the skill to shot 72 but often has a few blow-up holes? Or the player that maybe has a few pars and birdies but then finishes with some double boogies? There are many areas to consider for each individual and their game before setting a plan.


Becky works with all ages of juniors. She is a First Tee Certified Coach and a US Kids Top 50 Master Coach.  She respects and works within junior and their chronological as well as developmental ages when teaching. She makes sure the learning is fun to engage the juniors to a life long game.