Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler

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"2023" Coaching Programs

Game Assessment

This is recommended for the new student. 1 ½ hour session where we look at all areas of your game and address the areas that would help you play better. Can include on course observation, K coach 3D swing analysis, putting and putter assessment using Blast technology and other short game observations.

Becky Dengler K Vest Certified Pro

K Coach Swing Capture & Training

This is and 1 session to capture and then train using K Coach Technology. This will give you the most accurate analysis of your full swing as well as training in areas where you can become more efficient.

Complete Game Coaching

Coach for a Season

This program is for those players that want to improve all areas of their game. This is an all-inclusive program that combines a game assessment, K coach, blast, video, optiband and on-course lessons and coaching all season. This is the ultimate for taking your game to the next level. 

Performance Programs

These programs below are groups of 4 or less and are only $60 per person for the 1 ½ hour class. Come meet some other players or bring some of your friends along.

For other group size rates please contact Becky for pricing.

Junior = 21 years and younger.