Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler



Rebecca Dengler has a team approach to helping players learn and play the game better. Below are some of the partners Becky has collected to help her players.

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According to Golf Digest, 8 out of 9 Club Champion customers who upgraded to custom-fit clubs added an average of 21 yards off the tee and lowered their scores by as much as 6 strokes per round. In fact, nearly 100% of Club Champion Customers report they were satisfied.

Schedule a Fitting

When making your appointment, tell us which of your golf clubs you’d like to see improved and bring them to your custom club fitting.

Tee It Up

You’ll hit with your current clubs so we can analyze every aspect of your swing. Then a certified premium club fitter will help you find the ideal club head, shaft and grip combinations that work best.

See the Difference

You can immediately compare performance data between your current clubs and those created in your custom club fitting.

Receive a Quote
Buy as many—or none—of the golf clubs you and your fitter created. Clubs you purchase will be built by hand and be ready in 1-10 days.

Becky celebrating the 20th anniversary of The First Tee with Lynn and Pia.

About VISION54

We focus on the human being playing golf, not just the technical aspect of the game. Our main goal at VISION54 is to help golfers not only swing better, be more fit, manage your mind or putt better, but to make sure you as a player can transfer these skills and perform better on the course when it matters.

We look at the reality of golf and what elements influence your performance. The elements are physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spirit of the game. To make this come alive, we created the Human Skills golfers need to complement your technique.

We believe that you have a unique strategy for playing great golf and we want you to take great care in discovering what works best for you – MY54. By doing this, you will gain clarity about your unique strategy for playing great golf, and therefore will achieve it more often.

“Lynn and Pia are the quiet voices of reason in this world of insanity and confusion. Their information and system will help golfers of any level – from Tour players to 25-handicapper – play their best golf.

— Mike Adams, 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year, World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame

For the first time in golf history, 3D swing data is now available to everyone. Previously, this complex, game changing information had only been accessible to those with a deep understanding of biomechanics and the ability to interpret kinematic sequence graphs. The new K-Coach Evaluation tool takes that complex data and translates it into easy-to-understand scores and visuals, so every coach and every player can now put the power of 3D to work and say, “now I understand!”

Charlotte Maher
Founder and Owner

For twenty years, FIT, a fully equipped exercise facility in Wilmington, Delaware, has been helping persons of all fitness levels to achieve their health and wellness goals. Members find that FIT provides a friendly, comfortable environment that welcomes and encourages everyone.

FIT offers a full range of fitness opportunities. Members can workout on their own, exercise with a personal trainer and/or participate in group classes. Our staff is eager to share their expert advice, and can custom-design a training program that meets your needs and personal goals.

Tour Edge Named Golf Company of the Year!

Score Golf just announced the recipients of their year-end Younger Awards given out my longtime golf writer Rick Young!

The annual awards included Business Story of the Year, Executive of the Year, Company of the Year and more and Score Golf awarded Tour Edge the Younger Award for Company of the Year! Also, our HL3 line was named Underrated Product of 2018! We are extremely honored to have received this award and we look forward to having an even better year in 2019!