Golf Lessons with LPGA/PGA Golf Coach Becky Dengler


Holiday Specials

5 Golf Packages Available!

These are specially priced packages available only during the holiday season 11/1 to 12/31 and can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for others. Packages can be purchased over the phone with Becky at (610) 724-3913 and mailed to a recipient.

Certificates do not have an expiration date and are transferable.

Holiday Packages 2019

The Holiday Packages 2019


1. a beckydenglergolf bag
2. a notebook
3. a gift certificate
4. a ball marker

3 lesson package - $275 (reg. 330)

The 3 Lesson Package is a package of three, 1-hour lessons.

Game Improvement Package - $300 (reg. $355)

Game Improvement Package includes a Full swing session (1 hour using K Coach) a short game session (1 hour using Blast technology) and then and on course 1 ½ hr session.  These lessons are valid through the entire 2020 season. The 

9 Hole Coaching Package - $299 (reg. $350)

With the 9 Hole Coaching Package, Becky will be your caddy for 9 holes and help you find ways to score and play better. Includes a game improvement plan. This is a 3-hour program and includes the cart and greens fee. 

The Ultimate Golf Gift in a Box!

Concierge Coach & Coach for a Season

Limited Spots Available, So get yours today!

The Concierge Coach & Coach for a Season


1. comes in a decorated, wrapped box
2. a microfiber beckydengler golf towel
3. a beckydenglergolf bag
4. a notebook
5. a gift certificate
6. a ball marker

Concierge Coach - $900 (reg. $1200)

Everything you need when you need it with Becky at Complete Game Coaching.


One-on-One Coaching Unlimited, On Course Coaching Unlimited, Supervised Practice Unlimited, Access to all clinics Unlimited

Technology: K-Coach/K-player Technology unlimited, Blast Technology, V1 Video (3 -d video technology and training, 3-d motion sensor and video as needed).

Club Fitting recommendations.

Coach for a Season - $850 (reg. $950)

This program is for those players that want to improve all areas of their game. This is a program that combines a game assessment, K coach and on-going lessons and coaching all season. This is the ultimate for taking your game to the next level. 

Includes up to 10 – 1 hour seasons (can include K Coach & K Player, Blast Video and on course coaching sessions as well as a 2 hour playing session.